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Comprehensive Security Suite

Delivering highly-secured content

Cyber and piracy threats have rapidly escalated in the last few years.

In the media industry, unauthorized access to high value content is impacting media providers’ revenues and profitability, and undermining media business models.

In the government and defense industries, adversaries are working to intercept, exploit, degrade and deny communications capabilities, jeopardizing operations, assets and lives.

Heightening content protection and security, NOVELSAT utilizes extensive security algorithms and mechanisms to provide secured content delivery on top of greater transmission resiliency and robustness. Utilizing multi-layer content protection together with powerful management tool, NOVELSAT provides superior content protection, meeting current and future security challenges and making networks safe.

Holistic security

  • Best-in-industry encryption & scrambling
  • Multi-layer content protection
  • Powerful security management suite
  • High interference and jamming resiliency
  • Carrier and traffic concealment

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Comprehensive security system

  • Encryption

    AES-256 encryption
    BISS2-CA scrambler/descrambler
    Channel, Transport, Payload protection

  • Key

    Automatic dynamic key generation
    OTA key distribution and management

  • Service Management

    Entitlement per service
    Scheduler & Booking
    Embedded CAS
    Secured management sessions

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