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A Powerful Multi-Purpose Solution

Multi-Purpose Solution for Multiple Applications

NOVELSAT Xstream Multi-Purpose solution is the ideal choice for multiple interfaces satellite networks requiring any-to-any high-speed connectivity solution.

Addressing multiple applications including video delivery, Earth observation, SIGINT, Cloud and IoT, NOVELSAT Xstream delivers highly integrated, optimized, and efficient multi-interface solution.

Architecting agility

  • Any-to-Any Video Gateway
  • High Availability and Resiliency
  • High Density and Flexibility
  • Best-in-Industry Content Protection
  • Powerful Switching, Re/Multiplexing and Stream Processing
  • Future Proof Software Defined Processing


Super-rich functionality

  • Service Filtering & Remux

  • Any-to-Any Input Failover Matrix

  • Multiple Configuration and Service Options

  • Seamless Stream / Port / Packet Level Switching

  • Carrier Grade Management Functionalities

  • IP / TS / Service / PID Level Monitoring

  • PID / Service Redundancy Based on any ETR 101-290 P1 Triggers

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