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NOVELSAT is empowering companies and organizations all around the world to deliver greater and better experiences. Our content connectivity solutions for broadcast and broadband take engaging digital experiences anywhere, to any device, at any time. With a myriad of installations worldwide, our content connectivity technology is trusted by hundreds of companies, to deliver trillions of experiences, to billions of people.

Driving What’s Next

Our vision for the future is ambitious – to power a world of boundless experiences.

At NOVELSAT, we develop paradigm-shifting ideas and groundbreaking technologies that transform content connectivity, paving the way for a new era of experiences.

Catalyzing Growth

We work relentlessly to redefine content connectivity economics, unlocking immense business opportunities so our customers can grow and thrive in the world of today and tomorrow.


  • Experience

    From being a spectator of a live sports event or of a concert performance, entertainment is rapidly transitioning from being about content we merely watch, to being about an experience we are fully immersed and involved in. New technologies are opening the floodgates for a new generation of immersive virtual experiences, collaborative viewing, personalized storytelling, and whatever else innovators are dreaming up.

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  • Experience
    the future
    of 5G Video

    5G is set to become the content-of-the-future distribution network, revolutionizing the way we watch and experience video. Whether this is a sports fan live-streaming a football match while being able to watch real time replays of the action, or a TV aficionado enjoying their favorite on-demand TV show in top quality on the beach. With 5G-FWA enabling high-bandwidth connectivity to homes, mobile networks will become a primary distribution channel for family entertainment, opening up multiple video streams so everyone in the household can enjoy a top-quality video from MTV to DogTV.

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  • Experience
    at all times

    Our hyper-connected future is here, weaving together organizations, assets, systems, and people, to create extreme ecosystems. Keeping us connected at all times, no matter what, so we can face the future with confidence. Whether it is a vital telecom network or a critical utility infrastructure, a central company workflow or a sensitive government process, broadband connectivity is the lifeblood of any enterprise, administration, and service provider. Information technologies (IT), communications technologies, and operational technologies are converging, evolving to reliably connect everything and everyone, changing multiple industries, and impacting every service and operation.

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  • Experience

    Knowledge enriches our daily lives and shapes our destinies. From learning institutions to training centers, from traditional classrooms to virtual spaces, digital connectivity is bringing together teachers, experts, and learners. Boundless connectivity and immersive learning experiences are delivering the world’s knowledge to every community and person, bridging distance and socio-economic gaps. With ubiquitous access to quality education and extensive information, lifelong learning opportunities are made available to all, helping people to improve themselves, develop their skill sets, and expand their mind sets.

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  • Experience

    Borderless working is now the norm, changing the very definition of a workplace. The hyper-connected world is opening up a global talent pool and that talent can work from pretty much anywhere – not just at home or at the airport, but also on the beach or on the golf course. Freed from physical walls and geographical restraints, teams are able to work more closely together across multiple disciplines and tasks, leveraging real-time cyber-physical collaborations. Digitized value chains and workflows, combined with internal and external ecosystems, are reaping the huge efficiency and flexibility benefits of the distributed workforce. At the same time, intensified digital communication and interaction with customers and partners is creating new revenue opportunities.

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    Today, stadium fans are as involved as the players, seeking out engaging, interactive, and immersive experiences. Clubs, leagues, and stadiums are fast introducing new digital capabilities, transforming the sports fan experience. Every seat becomes the best seat as fans can select any camera at any time on their smartphone, watching every moment from the optimum unobstructed angle. This immersive real-time camera-to-seat streaming enables up and close, zoom and focus, multi-view, and personal replay as well as AR and VR experiences. Fans can point the smartphone-camera towards the action and view real time graphics with line-ups, formations, player map, names, ball traces, statistics, and more. And while the referee is assessing a foul or the pitcher is waiting for the sign, fans can check out content related to the action or get a behind-the-scenes look.

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  • Experience

    Once we’ve settled in our seats, our appetite for connectivity grows. Whether commuting to work on the train, vacationing on a cruise ship or flying to another city, we want to reach and be reachable. Connectivity is our lifeline, both personally and professionally. It is seamlessly extending to power boundless experiences onboard, empowering us to connect with associates, friends or loved ones, perform work and chores, socialize virtually, play online games, or watch sports, news and movies.

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  • Experience
    our planet

    Knowledge and insights about our planet enable governments, organizations, and businesses to understand our world and to make smarter, better, faster decisions about what to do next in a rapidly changing environment. From weather patterns to natural disasters, from glaciers melting to forests lost, from urban growth to environmental pollution, earth observation provides invaluable data, helping us see the changes and take better actions for making our world a safer, cleaner, more prosperous, and more equitable place.

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