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Pioneering the Future of TV

With live streaming dominating mobile traffic, video streaming is congesting mobile networks and impairing user experience. 5G will further drive video content and services, becoming the preferred distribution network for delivering live and on-demand video content to any device, everywhere.

NOVELSAT pioneers end-to-end video delivery solution for 5G networks, taking CDN to the edge, bringing video experiences closer than ever to users.

Presenting market leading video delivery performance and economics, NOVELSAT enables mobile service providers and media companies to deliver high volumes of high-quality video content to any user device – from smartphones to TV sets, opening the door to new business models.

  • New

  • Highest
    Video Quality

  • On Any

  • New Business

  • Ultimate Video
    Delivery Efficiency

  • Lowest Network

Redefining Mobile Video Experience

  • Live and

  • High Content

  • Highest Quality
    of Experience

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