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The digital transformation is driving the need for high-speed, reliable broadband connectivity to support the operations of any enterprise, government, and service provider.

NOVELSAT drives high-volume, high-value broadband applications with high performance connectivity, under any condition, delivering superior broadband connectivity for private and public networks. Bringing broadband to any location, enabling emerging cloud / IoT applications, and ensuring high availability and network resiliency, NOVELSAT boosts service capacity, extends network footprint, and enhances transmission security, while increasing network and operational efficiency.

  • High Speed
    and Capacity

  • Market-Leading
    and Performance

  • Ultimate Utilization
    and Optimization

  • Top Flexibility
    and Agility

  • Carrier-Grade
    and Resiliency

  • Outstanding Reach
    and Coverage

  • Extensive Public,
    Private and
    Cloud Networks

  • Innovative Cloud
    and IoT Connectivity

Driving High-Value Networks

  • Trunking
    & Backhaul

  • Enterprise
    & Utilities

  • Land, Sea &
    Air Mobility


Delivering Innovative Technology

  • Leading Server-Based Architecture

  • Advanced Dynamic Resource Management

  • Most Efficient Waveform

  • Best-in-Class Receiver Architecture

  • Full Bandwidth Reuse

  • Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi-Point Networking

  • Transparent Cloud Connectivity

Enterprise & Utilities

Business-critical applications such as oil & gas, utilities, government services, and enterprise, requires reliable broadband connectivity for their operations regardless of location.

Providing open and flexible solutions for point-to-point and point-to-multi-point networks, NOVELSAT delivers industry-leading performance, efficiency, coverage, availability, resiliency, and security, to ensure service continuity.

Designed to support the growing needs of network operators, NOVELSAT features the latest in Software Defined Networking (SDN), maximizing network flexibility and scalability for adapting to any network architecture and allowing future upgrades and expansions. Multi-layer optimization, advanced dynamic resource management, and carrier grade networking capabilities enables superior connectivity for data intensive applications.

Trunking & Backhaul

Mobile networks are constantly evolving – growing in capacity, coverage, and availability – requiring satellite connectivity to serve remote and rural locations, as well as to ensure high availability and network resiliency everywhere.

Delivering broadband connectivity for backhaul, trunking and backbone applications, NOVELSAT offers high-capacity Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi-Point connectivity solutions.

Leading the industry with highest performance connectivity, NOVELSAT solutions exhibit highest bandwidth efficiency and bandwidth reuse performance, driving higher volumes at lower bandwidth. Designed for high-volume, high-value services, a comprehensive set of capabilities and features empower superior resiliency for delivering near perfect availability and reliability.

Aero & Maritime

On-board connectivity services are expanding and growing, as passengers and crew expect an experience like that found on the ground. At the same time, aero and maritime service providers are seeking solutions to deliver more for less, as satellite spectrum comes at cost.

Offering new levels of satellite transmission efficiency, NOVELSAT connectivity solutions drive higher volumes at lower bandwidth cost.

Encompassing video and data delivery, NOVELSAT addresses multiple service needs, delivering highly integrated, optimized, and efficient solutions. Superior performance and resiliency, for airplanes and ships connectivity, enable higher transmission capacity at arctic areas and under challenging weather conditions.


  • Xnet

    Leading-Edge Satellite Hub System

  • Xstream

    A Powerful Multi-Purpose Gateway

  • Satellite Modems

    Satellite Modems

  • Network Management

    Carrier-Grade Network Management System


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