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Cost-Effective Broadcast Solutions

High-Performance Satellite Modulator and Demodulator

NOVELSAT satellite broadcast solutions offer new levels of satellite transmission efficiency and resiliency, content protection, and flexible operation driving higher volumes of video content at lower bandwidth cost.

NOVELSAT NS1000 Modulator & NS2000 Demodulator incorporate multiple satellite transmission technologies, supporting the most bandwidth-efficient waveform, NOVELSAT NS4TM, for providing very high-performance transmission and space segment efficiency, as well as supporting standard DVB-S, DVB-S2, and DVB-S2X.

Optimizing experiences

  • Ultimate Transmission Efficiency
  • Best-in-Industry Content Protection
  • Flexible Dual Channel Operation
  • Total
  • Superior Resiliency and Availability

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Cutting-edge technologies

  • NOVELSAT NS4TM Technology for High Performance and Efficiency

  • Up to 425Mbps / 80Msps High Data Rates

  • NOVELSAT DRM with AES-256 Encryption / Decryption

  • NOVELSAT DDCTM – Dynamic Distortion Compensator

  • NLPD – Non-Linear Pre-Distortion Technology

  • ACM – Adaptive Coding and Modulation Operation

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