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Next-Generation Broadcast and Delivery Solution

A flexible and agile contribution and distribution solution

The NOVELSAT FUSION solution, provides holistic delivery across all digital and linear platforms, including live, time-shifted, on-demand, and OTT (Over-the-Top) streaming.

The NOVELSAT FUSION is ready for the technology evolution and seamless integration into existing systems – able to connect to anything, anywhere.

It is an efficient solution, providing scalable low-cost communications, optimizing bandwidth usage to minimize distribution costs and network load – making it a high revenue generating solution.

By utilizing the latest IP standards, it allows a true migration path to all-IP workflows, ultimately allowing broadcasters and operators the ability to leverage the agility and flexibility of either private or public cloud deployment models.

Ready for anything

  • Encoding/Transcoding - up to 4K HEVC
  • ABR Encoding with Embedded Packager and Origin
  • Low Latency for HEVC Contribution Links - Under 700ms (end-to-end)
  • Utilizes a Range of Technologies Including Cloud and 5G
  • Any Satellite Transmission
  • Stream Delivery to any Screen - DTH, Broadcast, IPTV, ABR/OTT
  • High Availability - 1+1, N+1, N+M Redundancy
  • Embedded Multi-Layer Content Protection - ES, TS, Payload


One Platform. Many Possibilities.

  • Dense Encoding Modulation
  • Scrambling
  • Video Gateway
  • Dense Transcoding IRD
  • Encoding Packaging Origin
  • Encoding Scrambling Encryption
  • Decoding Descrambling Decryption
  • Decoding Transcoding ABR Transcoding

Main Functionalities and Advantages

  • Live

    Simplified Live Content Distribution with CDN-Enabled Primary Distribution SaaS

  • Media Processing

    Optimal Video Processing, Delivery and Security, Across All Media Network

  • OTT and broadcast

    Unified OTT and Broadcast Delivery

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