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Webinar with IABM: <br>Unleash Your Content

Webinar with IABM:
Unleash Your Content

Delivering high-quality content to a screen near you.

The broadcast landscape is transforming. The influx of content, the growing audiences, and the rising consumer demands are driving content providers, service operators and media distributors to look for new, innovative ways to transform their infrastructure while optimizing and lowering costs in every single part of the video network.

In this webinar, we focus on the growing requirements of contribution and primary distribution applications and how new solutions and agile architectures evolve to meet the video delivery challenges.

Key topics include:

  • Converging broadcast and OTT delivery
  • Transitioning to higher quality experiences
  • Shifting to flexible, software-based architectures
  • Revamping media delivery efficiencies and economics
  • Leveraging private and public cloud environments
  • Heightening content protection
  • Bringing it all together: processing, transmission, delivery, and security