Successful Customer Trial of NovelSat FreeBand Solution for Free Satellite Video Contribution

Ra’anana, Israel, August 12, 2014 – NovelSat, a world leader in satellite transmission technology, today announced a successful field trial of their NovelSat FreeBand solution on Hope Channel’s network. NovelSat FreeBand makes it possible for broadcasters to access free satellite bandwidth for their remote contribution units.

By reusing the existing satellite bandwidth in their distribution network, broadcasters, in essence, get a free return transmission of video and data from their remote news gathering units. As satellite bandwidth becomes scarcer and more expensive, this solution becomes very attractive to broadcasters who also deploy remote contribution units.

The Hope Channel is the international broadcasting unit of the Seventh Day Adventist Church providing programs on holistic Christian living focusing on faith, health, relationships, and community. They broadcast 23 channels on four continents. The trial was implemented at the Rede Novo Tempo de Comunicação broadcast center in Brazil. During the trial, using the broadcaster’s DVB-S distribution bandwidth, NovelSat FreeBand provided up to 56% extra bandwidth for a new contribution channel.

NovelSat FreeBand Technology

With NovelSat FreeBand, broadcasters who use satellite bandwidth to send video and data to the point-to-multipoint distribution network can now reuse the same bandwidth to receive video from remote contribution units such as Satellite News Gathering (SNG) trucks, flyaways and remote studios. In essence, with NovelSat FreeBand, broadcasters no longer have to pay for satellite bandwidth every time they deploy a remote contribution unit within the footprint of their satellite distribution network. This translates into huge savings in operational costs.

 NovelSat FreeBand

The NovelSat FreeBand solution is powered by NovelSat DUET CeC (carrier-echo-cancellation) band-reuse technology running on a NovelSat NS3000 satellite modem at the distribution hub. A single NS3000 modem can transmit from 100Kbps up to 425Mbps in each direction (850Mbps in full duplexed transmission). The NS3000 Modem receiver channel is highly sensitive, utilizing the size differences between the hub antenna and the news gathering units’ remote antennas. This enables the NS3000 modem at the hub to clearly receive transmissions of contribution video and data below the noise floor of the distribution hub, without interfering with outbound satellite transmission or being detected by other stations.

 NovelSat NS3000 Satellite Modem

NovelSat NS3000 Professional High-Data Rate Satellite Modem

NovelSat FreeBand works with satellite industry standards including DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-S2 with 5% ROF and with NovelSat NS3 transmission technology for a boost in spectral efficiency of typically 40% to 60%.

“In addition to the expense of running a satellite distribution network, broadcasters pay hundreds of dollars an hour for satellite bandwidth to carry their contribution content,” according to Dan Peleg, VP R&D for NovelSat. “With FreeBand, which is a technology offered only by NovelSat, broadcasters can eliminate those costs.”

NovelSat first announced the NovelSat FreeBand solution in March 2014. It is currently in field trials with a number of large global broadcasters.

Rede Novo Tempo CTO Henry Bartz added that, “We were pleased to see that NovelSat FreeBand performed as advertised in our Brazil trial. Using resources that we already have in our distribution network to support our remote contribution units just makes sense and now we know it is possible.”


About Rede Novo Tempo de Comunicação a Hope Channel Network member

The Rede Novo Tempo de Comunicação is the official broadcast network for the South America Division of Seventh Day Adventist Church. Rede Novo Tempo de Comunicação broadcasts over TV, radio and Web in Portuguese and Spanish to Latin America, the Caribbean, Western Europe, North America and Africa. Our inspirational, youth and family programming are leading religious broadcasts designed to help people experience the abundant life that Jesus promised and bring everlasting hope to the human race.

About NovelSat

NovelSat is a technology company dedicated to providing the next-generation modulation standard for satellite communications. NovelSat supports DVB-S and DVB-S2 standards and also offers the superior spectral efficiency of its NovelSat NS3™ satellite transmission technology which is available in all NovelSat satellite modulators, demodulators and modems. NovelSat technologies deliver the fastest data rates, the satellite industry’s most compelling ROI and the most scalable transmission solutions from 100Kbps to 850Mbps on a single modem. That means you get the best performance at the lowest costs, resulting in the highest profits. Learn more about the rapidly-growing list of global broadcasters, communications service providers, defense contractors and systems integrators already maximizing satellite capacity with NovelSat at

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