Satellite 2020 | March 10-12| Washington DC | Booth 319

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Discover Why Satellite Data Network Operators and Broadcasters Are Gearing Up with NovelSat Satellite Transmission Solutions

We will be in booth #319 of the Washington Convention Centre to demonstrate the most bandwidth-efficient solutions for satellite broadcast and data transmission.

Data Transmission Solutions
Discover the latest achievements from NovelSat to enhance various types of Point-To-Multipoint satellite networks, increase efficiency, reduce satellite bandwidth and dramatically save on CAPEX.

  • NovelSat FUSION – Integrated Satellite Transmission / Transcoding / TransRating solution for broadcasters.
  • NovelSat LIBRA– Get a first look at Dynamic Resource Allocation technology that enables efficient spectrum usage in Point-to-Multipoint networks.
  • NovelNet NMS – NovelSat’s advanced Network Management System
  • ProtCASTER – Field-proven, unbreakable 256-bit encryption solution for data and broadcast networks
  • NovelSat NS4 waveform – Up to 32% efficiency gain over DVB-S2X
  • Interference Mitigation Package – New Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) mitigation software package for the most consistently reliable satellite signals.

Broadcast Solutions
See how Novelsat NS4 together with our new field-proven ProtCASTER DRM solutions are already enabling major worldwide satellite broadcasting events.

  • ProtCASTER – Field-proven, unbreakable 256-bit DRM solution including management & scheduling of program entitlement in the broadcast network. Successfully deployed for Russian Confederation Cup 2018 transmission.
  • NovelSat NS4 waveform – Up to 32% efficiency gain over DVB-S2X
  • PCIe OEM Modulator and Demodulator Cards – Integrate NovelSat efficiency and features into any PC-based headend platform.

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