NovelSat Introduces DUET Software Based Echo Cancellation Technology in its NS3000 Modems to Double Data Transmission over Existing Bandwidth

New Technology Drives NovelSat’s Modem to Further Maximize Spectral Efficiency while Mitigating Costs

Newton, MA – 21 February, 2013 – NovelSat, the satellite bandwidth optimization company, today announced the introduction of Duet™ next generation software-based Echo Cancellation technology within its NS3000 Modem. Like its previous landmark innovations that changed the industry, this ground breaking new feature enables NovelSat’s Modem to transmit twice the amount of data over existing bandwidth, delivering data transmission rates of up to 730Mbps, and ensuring maximum spectral and cost efficiency.

Patent pending Duet™ Echo Cancellation technology, now embedded as an OTA (over-the-Air) remotely downloadable software module in the NS3000 Modem, allows Teleports, Telcos and Cellular companies using satellite backhaul, DSNG operators and others offering data intensive applications to establish full duplex data, video and voice communication on the same transponder segment with the highest efficiency.

Duet™ revolutionizes the way DSNGs operate. By supporting bi-directional communication with the studio on the same bandwidth, Duet™ offers new capabilities that were previously considered impossible. Users with symmetrical data links can particularly benefit from the transmission of twice the amount of data without leasing additional bandwidth and the significant cost savings that ensue. The NS3000 Modem supports all applications – from the smallest links to the world’s largest pipes, a claim that no other modem can fulfill.

Of particular note is that unlike all other existing echo cancellation technologies, NovelSat’s Duet™ eliminates the mandatory need for dedicated, costly and performance-impairing hardware. Furthermore, all processing is done in the digital domain, eliminating degradation associated with the redundant conversion of digital to analog and back. In addition to technology that pushes performance boundaries to the limit, the NS3000 offers transparent pricing that allows unlimited configuration changes and flexible, pay-as-you-grow feature and capability additions, resulting in a compelling cost structure.

“NovelSat is proud to deliver yet another game changing technology that raises modem performance standards to the next level” said David Furstenberg, NovelSat’s Chairman of the Board. “We’re committed to delivering technological innovations that allow our customers to benefit from the fastest data rates and most compelling ROI over all data-rates, while improving link quality and ensuring continuity. By incorporating Duet™ Echo Cancellation technology in NovelSat’s NS3000 Satellite Modem, we continue to do exactly that.”