Globecast Chooses NovelSat NS3 for International Satellite Video Distribution of High-Profile Events

NovelSat spectral efficiency software to be used for satellite transmission of major news and sporting events covered by Globecast

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Raanana, Israel, October 20, 2015 – Following the successful satellite distribution of a string of high-profile news and sporting events using NovelSat NS3, Globecast has decided to use NovelSat spectral efficiency software for global satellite video distribution of some of the major events that it covers. Globecast has built a reputation for quality of service and has a global presence. They distribute SD, HD and 4K video from the most watched live news and sporting events and will now be adding NovelSat satellite transmission solutions to its existing capabilities.


Globecast is the leading global provider of media management, distribution, monetisation and contribution solutions for broadcasters. Using NovelSat NS3-based NS1000 and NS2000 Satellite Modulators and Demodulators, Globecast can consistently deliver more video services using less satellite bandwidth, creating greater efficiency.

NovelSat NS3 technology has been proven to utilize satellite spectrum far more efficiently than DVB-S and DVB-S2 standards. NovelSat NS3 increases data rates by more than 30% compared with many existing modulators, demodulators and modems. The advantage of this next generation technology goes far beyond capacity savings. In extreme conditions, NovelSat NS3 boosts network reliability and availability more effectively and efficiently handles channel impairments including phase noise, non-linearity, jamming and interference.

“As a key partner for our broadcast customers, we’ve built a reputation for delivering a high quality service, which allows broadcasters to ensure the best possible viewer experience,” said Liz McParland, Contribution Sales Manager of Globecast. “Using NovelSat NS3 technology for our high-profile broadcasts, Globecast can deliver consistently high quality content from start to finish with limited satellite bandwidth.”

As display quality continues to improve, with growing demand for 4K and UHDTV, viewers of premiere sporting events are increasingly expecting exponentially higher definition content. This new demand could quadruple current bandwidth requirements, further increasing the necessity of technologies such as NovelSat NS3 to help control costs by optimizing the efficiency of costly satellite bandwidth.

“Globecast has been particularly successful in showcasing how NovelSat NS3 can help to streamline broadcast distribution operation,” said Dan Peleg, CTO of NovelSat. “Our NovelSat NS3 technology raises the standard of spectral efficiency and performance in the satellite broadcast industry, putting our customers at the forefront of broadcast technology and viewer satisfaction.”


About Globecast

Globecast increases broadcaster’s profitability by providing highly efficient media management, distribution, monetisation and contribution solutions. We enable our customers to reach any audience on any platform globally, including OTT, satellite and cable, while only delivering content to Globecast once. Globecast provides a seamless global service with expertise and operational facilities on the ground in London, Paris, Singapore, Los Angeles, Rome, and Johannesburg, with Media Centers – featuring full media management and playout services – in London, Singapore and Los Angeles. Our global approach allows customers to contract once for a turnkey end to end global solution tailored to support their business objectives.


NovelSat Adds TSoIP Support to its Full Line of Satellite Transmission Products

NovelSat now combines the world’s most spectrum-efficient satellite transmission with TSoIP support for the broadcast industry

Ra’anana, Israel, June 30, 2015 – As broadcast industry demand for IP-based satellite transmission continues to grow, NovelSat, a world leader in satellite transmission technology, has announced immediate availability of Transport Stream over IP (TSoIP) support in their entire line of satellite transmission products.

In satellite transmission, TSoIP makes is possible to send and receive compressed high definition video transport streams over long distances on any IP network. When the TSoIP option is installed, NovelSat satellite transmission equipment – including satellite modulators, demodulators and a line of modems – can perform UDP and RTP encapsulation/de-encapsulation, remove or reduce IP jitter and implement forward error correction (FEC) according to the SMPTE 2022 standard.

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NovelSat NS3000 Satellite Modem, NS2000 Satellite Demodulator & NS1000 Satellite Modulator

“NovelSat equipment is designed for optimal interconnectivity and forward compatibility with existing and future standards and protocols,” explained Dan Peleg, NovelSat CTO. “Together with standard ASI video transmission and IP support, NovelSat has now expanded its compatibility with support for all IRDs and encoders that use TSoIP.”

NovelSat satellite modems, modulators and demodulators can now run in Dual Channel mode with ASI and TSoIP inputs/outputs operating in parallel. TSoIP transmission on NovelSat devices operates at bitrates up to 216Mbps.

TSoIP is a standard option on all new NovelSat equipment, which will soon (Q3 2015) also include the world’s most spectrum-efficient satellite transmission waveform – NovelSat NS4 – which boosts capacity by up to 25% compared with DVB-S2X. NovelSat is encouraging its existing customers to contact their NovelSat support office for information on TSoIP option upgrades.


About NovelSat

NovelSat is a technology company dedicated to providing the next-generation modulation standard for satellite communications. NovelSat supports DVB-S and DVB-S2 standards and also offers the superior spectral efficiency of its NovelSat NS3™ high-end efficiency satellite transmission software package which is available in all NovelSat satellite modulators, demodulators and modems. NovelSat technologies deliver the fastest data rates, the satellite industry’s most compelling ROI and the most scalable transmission solutions from 64Kbps to 850Mbps on a single modem.

NovelSat technology is built around NovelSat SMOS (Satellite Modem Operating System), a unified satellite communications platform that ensures optimal interoperability, throughput and scalability of capacity, software-defined high-end features and waveforms. Learn more at

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