NovelSat Launches the NovelNet NMS Satellite Network Management System

The company is offering a free trial and introductory package with both NovelNet NMS and NovelSat NS4 at a 50% discount

Raanana, September 28, 2016 – NovelSat, a world leader in satellite transmission technology, today announced the official launch of their all new satellite network management system, NovelNet NMS. The new network management system accelerates deployment of both Point-To-Point and Point-To-Multipoint links. It reduces operating and maintenance costs, delivers complete lifecycle management for satellite communication hubs and remotes, maximizes satellite bandwidth allocation and reduces problem resolution time. Its features include:

  • Bandwidth management and performance analysis
  • Drag and drop network planning and provisioning
  • Automated workflow management
  • Bandwidth and service allocation on demand
  • Service activation and bandwidth allocation scheduling
  • Automated carrier power tracking and control
NovelNet NMS Dashboard

NovelNet NMS Dashboard

Through October 31, 2016, NovelSat is offering an introductory package that includes a free trial of NovelNet NMS plus NovelSat NS4, with both priced at a 50% discount when purchased. NovelSat NS4 is the company’s 4th generation satellite transmission waveform. It delivers high quality satellite signals for broadcasters and data service providers and is available on all NovelSat satellite modems, modulators and demodulators. In head-to-head demonstrations, NovelSat has shown NovelSat NS4 outperforming the spectral efficiency of DVB-S2 by as much as 45%.

“We asked our customers what they thought was most important in a management system for their satellite transmission networks,” said Efi Levinzon, NovelSat’s CPO. “The result is NovelNet NMS, which we built from the ground up to deliver the features and functions that satellite users need.”

To take advantage of NovelSat’s two-in-one offer, satellite users can contact the company directly at or ask their local NovelSat representative for a free trial, pricing and details.



NovelSat Releases New Radio Frequency Interference Mitigation Software Package for Satellite Transmission

Set of advanced tools that work together to improve bandwidth efficiency and signal resilience by significantly reducing the effects of many types of Radio Frequency Interference.

Ra’anana, Israel, September 8, 2016 – NovelSat, a world leader in satellite transmission technology, today announced the release of the new NovelSat RFI Mitigation Innovation Package, a set of software upgradable tools that combat Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) in satellite transmission. As operators launch more satellites, and more services come online, existing methods of mitigation are no longer meeting the challenge posed by increasing RFI. NovelSat has developed an innovative combination of technologies to enable satellite users to deliver continuously reliable satellite services even while various types of RFI are present. The package handles RFI types including, Adjacent Satellite Interference (ASI), Radar, LTE (C-band), Cellular, VSAT, SNG, X-Pol, jamming and others.

NovelSat RFI Mitigation Package

NovelSat RFI Mitigation Package Elements

The package includes advanced Rx RFI detection mechanisms and mitigation algorithms to handle the most common types of RFI plus advanced satellite waveforms including NovelSat NS3 and NS4 which significantly increase resilience to interference compared with industry standards. One example of the effectiveness of NovelSat NS3 reported by NovelSat is a narrow-band jamming incident in a global video distribution network where NovelSat NS3 restored normal operation with interference 15dB stronger than a DVB-S2 standard receiver was able to handle.

NovelSat NS3 15dB More Resilient

NovelSat RFI Mitigation Package Elements

The RFI Mitigation Innovation Package also includes DVB-CID support, now required in all modulators in mobile satellite stations such as SNGs in the US. To top off the package, NovelSat is offering a set of RFI Analysis tools built into their satellite demodulators and modems. These tools analyze RFI, in real-time, and detect which type is affecting the signal to assist in matching the proper mitigation algorithm.

“NovelSat customers have increasingly expressed their concern about interference from new sources that they cannot control,” said Efi Levinzon, NovelSat’s CPO. “Rather than raise their hands and live with the reality of RFI, NovelSat customers can now take advantage of a comprehensive set of tools that protects their satellite signals better than any previous solution.”

NovelSat will be showing their satellite transmission technologies at IBC 2016, September 9-13 at the RAI Amsterdam. You can visit NovelSat at stand 3B26 in Hall 3.


NovelSat and ATEME Join Forces to Offer Top Quality Video Solutions for Satellite Broadcasters

The companies have entered into an agreement to combine encoding/modulating packages to provide outstanding support for all broadcast standards and resolutions up to 4K.


Ra’anana, Israel, September 6, 2016 – NovelSat, a world leader in satellite transmission technology, and ATEME, a global leader in video compression solutions, have announced an agreement to pair the ATEME Kyrion high-quality broadcast video encoder with the NovelSat NS1000 Satellite Modulator. This technology partnership ensures that satellite broadcasting customers deliver the highest quality live and recorded video in the industry.

The innovative NovelSat NS1000 Satellite Modulator is designed for high demand satellite transmission. While supporting all satellite transmission standards, including DVB-S, DBV-S2 and DVB-S2X, it is the only system that also offers the NovelSat NS4 waveform, which delivers up to 45% higher spectral efficiency compared with DVB-S2.

Based on the ATEME fifth Generation STREAM compression engine, the Kyrion encoder provides the best baseband video quality at minimum bitrates. This solution has been designed for contribution over satellite and IP networks, with added value features such as ultra-fast-boot, ultra-low latency, and ABR output. The ATEME Kyrion offers a software upgradable HEVC encoding option to support UHD video streaming as well as legacy MPEG2 to H264 compressions.

“When two great technologies work together smoothly, they tend to strengthen one another,” said Yossi Aloni, CMO of ATEME. “This new partnership will offer a new level of quality for both ATEME and NovelSat customers.”

“Both the NovelSat satellite modulator and the ATEME Kyrion video encoders have a history of field-proven success,” said Efi Levinzon, NovelSat’s CPO. “These new, powerful packages, with both sets of technologies working together, make it easier for broadcasters to choose a complete satellite video solution.”

NovelSat and ATEME will be showing their satellite transmission technologies at IBC 2016, September 9-13 at the RAI Amsterdam. You can visit NovelSat at stand 3B26 in Hall 3 and ATEME at stand 1.D71 in Hall 1.


ATEME (PARIS: ATEME), Transforming Video Delivery. ATEME is a global leader in HEVC, H264, MPEG2 video compression solutions for broadcast, cable, DTH, IPTV and OTT. More information is available at Follow us on Twitter: @ateme_tweets and LinkedIn.

Sencore Announces New Partnership with NovelSat

Companies aim to provide industry’s best dense satellite decoding solution


SIOUX FALLS, SD, August 29, 2016– Sencore has announced a new partnership with NovelSat, a world leader in satellite communication technology. When combined with NovelSat’s industry-leading, efficient NovelSat NS4 modulation technology, Sencore’s AtlasGear decoding platform provides a dense solution to modulate, demodulate and decode the largest number of channels in the smallest amount of rack space in the industry. Russ VanderWerff, Director of Product Management at Sencore gave praise to the partnership:

“Sencore’s line of proven decoders along with NovelSat’s industry-leading satellite modulation bandwidth savings gives customers an effective way to not only reduce bandwidth, but also save rack space and money.”

With major deployments worldwide at many key customers, NovelSat is a trusted name in the broadcast, satellite and wireless communications industries. Known for their innovations in satellite modulation efficiency, their NovelSat NS4 advanced waveform provides up to 45% bandwidth savings over DVB-S2 modulation. In 2014, NovelSat was chosen to deliver the 4K Ultra HD live satellite broadcast of the FIFA World Cup. Echoing the sentiment of the new partnership with Sencore, Efi Levinzon, Chief Product Officer at NovelSat stated:

“We are excited to team up with a company with such a respected industry reputation. Working with Sencore will be a great pairing, not only for NovelSat, but for our products and customers as well.”


About Sencore

Sencore is an engineering leader in the development of reliable, cost-effective video distribution and content monitoring solutions for the broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV, CIE markets. Backed by world-class customer service and support, the Sencore| Wellav portfolio includes video contribution and distribution equipment, system monitoring and analysis solutions, and test and measurement products. Designed to meet the needs of an ever-changing industry, whether IP based, multiscreen OTT, virtualized or readying for HEVC and 4k Sencore solutions leverage the latest technology to ensure efficient delivery of high-quality video from the source to the home. More information visit

NovelSat Releases NS200X Multi-Rx DVB-S2-to-IP Satellite Demodulator

Modular, space and resource-saving demodulator supports up to 24 internal demodulators and 12 Conditional Access Modules (CAMs).


Ra’anana, Israel, August 24, 2016 – NovelSat, a world leader in satellite transmission technology, has announced the availability of the new NovelSat NS200X Multi-Rx DVB-S2-to-IP Channel Satellite Demodulator. The NovelSat NS200X is designed to meet the needs of satellite broadcasters and head-ends of all sizes. With up to 3 plug-in modules, it can contain up to 24 demodulators in a single 1U box, reducing rack space and maintenance resources. NS200X units can also be concatenated to support many more additional DVB-S2-to-IP streams.

NS200X + ModulesNovelSat NS200X Multi-Rx Channel Satellite Demodulator

For Broadcast head-ends, the NS200X can also scale to support up to 12 IP-to-IP Conditional Access Modules (CAMs), to descramble multiple encrypted TV channels. In addition, the NS200X offers signal conversion modules to support multiple output signals such as: COFDM, PAL/NTSC and QAM.

A member of the NovelSat line of Professional Satellite Communication solutions, the NS200X has full interoperability with all other NovelSat products (Modulators, Modems and NovelNet NMS). It is controlled and configured through an easy-to-use browser-based interface and delivers exceptional operating stability using a redundant power supply and other redundancy mechanisms.

“The NS200X adds even more flexibility to the family of NovelSat satellite transmission solutions,” said Efi Levinzon , NovelSat CPO. “In addition to all the standards, waveforms and signal stabilizing technologies that NovelSat customers expect, the modular features of the NS200X add a lot of value, especially for satellite broadcasters.”

NovelSat will be showing their satellite transmission technologies at IBC 2016, September 9-13 at the RAI Amsterdam. You can visit NovelSat at stand 3B26 in Hall 3 to learn more about the NS200X.


NovelSat Adds New Hot Standby Redundancy Series to Further Increase Reliability of their Satellite Transmission Solutions

Two new N+1 Redundancy Switches – NovelSat NSR9100 and NSR9800 – now support all NovelSat satellite modems, modulators and demodulators.

Ra’anana, Israel, May 23, 2016 – Satellite transmission technology leader NovelSat has announced a new series of hot standby redundancy switches that can add further reliability to any NovelSat satellite transmission solution. The new series includes the NovelSat NSR9100 (1U) switch and the NovelSat NSR9800 (3U) switch.

The NovelSat N+1 Redundancy Switch solution enables hot standby redundancy for up to 8 NovelSat modulators, demodulators or modems. The N+1 switch supports RF switching as well as terrestrial interfaces switching.  It continuously monitors the ‘health’ of the protected units. In case of an alarm, the switch copies the configuration from the unit reporting the alarm to the redundant unit and automatically replaces the faulty unit’s functions with the spare (+1) unit.

The NovelSat NSR9100 redundancy switch supports configurations starting at 1+1 and a single NSR9800 switch can support up to 8+1 configuration. The two units can be cascaded to expand support for additional (more than 8) components – Modulators, Demodulators, and Modems.

Both the NovelSat NSR9100 and NSR9800 redundancy switch are designed for flexibility, enabling various configurations depending on which ports (interfaces) require coverage (L band TX, L band RX, IF band, ASI, GbE, TSoIP).

“The new series of redundancy switches enhances NovelSat’s ability to ensure that our customers get the superior signal quality and efficiency of NovelSat satellite transmission solutions at all times,” said Efi Levinzon, NovelSat’s VP R&D.”

NovelSat is showing the new N+1 redundancy switches along with a number of other new satellite transmission innovations at CommunicAsia 2016, May 31st through June 3rd, in Booth 1U3-11 on Level 1 of the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center in Singapore.

NovelSat Integrates XipLink’s Wireless Link Optimization into Entire Family of Satellite Modems

XipLink solution to augment existing NovelSat optimizations to enable highest data efficiencies for SCPC satellite modems.

National Harbor, MD, March 8, 2016 – NovelSat, a world leader in satellite transmission technology, has partnered with XipLink, the technology leader in wireless link optimization, to add XipLink’s software into all NovelSat satellite modems. The combination of NovelSat hardware and XipLink’s wireless link optimization technology offers satellite communications customers significantly higher data throughput while simultaneously providing a better user experience.

The new solution integrates XipLink Optimization Software (XipOS) with specially implemented internal modem hardware to deliver maximum TCP data capacity over satellite links using advanced TCP/IP acceleration algorithms based on the Space Communications Protocol Specification (SCPS).

NovelSat NS300X

The New NovelSat NS300X IP Satellite Modem with Integrated XipLink TCP Acceleration

“XipLink’s enduring focus on accelerating and then optimizing satellite bandwidth provides tremendous value across several industry verticals” said Bruce Bednarski, XipLink SVP Business Development. “Our collaboration with NovelSat has yielded a cost effective, power-saving solution that is delivered in a single-box solution, which is sure to please NovelSat’s customers.”

The combined TCP acceleration solution, integrated into NovelSat NS3000, NS300 and the new NS300X modems, completely fills data link capacity and compensates for satellite delay. Additional features, proven to enable modem traffic to exceed link bandwidth capacity, include header and payload compression, byte caching for dramatic data reduction on multi-pass traffic, Web object caching to improve Web surfing performance and advanced cellular compression (ACC) to support 2.5G, 3G and 4G backhaul links.

The new integrated solution with XipLink XipOS is particularly beneficial for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint satellite transmission applications such as cellular backhaul and IP trunking. The solution is now available as an option in all new NovelSat satellite modems.

“NovelSat modems already have a reputation for record-breaking bandwidth efficiency,” said Efi Levinzon, NovelSat VP R&D. “With built-in XipLink Wireless Link Optimization, the NovelSat advantage is now even more attractive to customers who pay a premium for satellite bandwidth.”

NovelSat is inviting satellite communications providers, users and integrators to learn more about this and other innovations in satellite transmission at the Satellite 2016 show, March 8-10 at National Harbor, MD.

NovelSat Releases NS300X Data-only Satellite Modem for Cost-Sensitive Projects

Full-featured IP modem from NovelSat supports up to 30Mbps data rates with a focus on high-efficiency at lower cost

Ra’anana, Israel, March 2, 2016 – NovelSat, a world leader in satellite transmission technology, has announced the availability of the new NovelSat NS300X IP Satellite Modem. In response to heavy demand, NovelSat designed the NS300X modem specifically for cost-sensitive projects with data-only satellite transmission applications whose operating requirements are below 30Mbps.

NovelSat NS300X IP Satellite Modem

NovelSat NS300X IP Satellite Modem

The NS300X is a member of the NovelSat Professional Satellite Modem series along with the NS300 IP and Video Professional Satellite Modem and the NS3000 Professional High-Data Rate Satellite Modem (up to 850Mbps). Like the NS3000, DVB-S2 is the basic satellite transmission standard in the NS300X modem. The NS300X and all NovelSat equipment also support DVB-S, DVB-S2 with 5% Roll-off Factor (ROF), DVB-S2X and NovelSat software efficiency packages NS3 and now NovelSat NS4.

NovelSat NS4, the newly released satellite waveform from NovelSat can be added as an optional software upgrade on the NS300X. With NovelSat NS4, the NS300X can boost spectral efficiency by up to 22% compared with DVB-S2X equipment and as much as 45% over DVB-S2.

The NovelSat NS300X supports cost-effective low-data rate applications including cellular backhaul, IP trunking, oil and gas, offshore and remote communications and other data services. Equipped with   optional NovelSat DUET CeC (Carrier-Echo-Cancellation) software, the NS300X will enable up to 50% in bandwidth saving for the same amount of traffic.

The NS300X supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links and incorporates the NovelSat advanced high-efficiency NSPE2 encapsulation scheme. The integrated IP processing unit supports a wide range of features including advanced QoS, transparent bridging (Layer 2), VLAN switching (Layer 2), routing mode (Layer 3) and TCP header and payload acceleration.

“We kept most of the advanced NovelSat technologies in the new NS300X, including software upgradable options like NovelSat NS4 and NovelSat DUET CeC,” said Dan Peleg CTO. “But we’ve scaled down the NS300X to fit smaller budgets.”

Next week, NovelSat is inviting satellite communications providers, users and integrators to learn more about the NovelSat NS300X IP Satellite Modem and see live NovelSat NS4 and Interference mitigation technics demos at the Satellite 2016 show, March 8-10 at National Harbor, MD.

NovelSat Releases NovelSat NS4 Software, Boosting Satellite Communication to Highest Ever Throughput

Now available in all NovelSat satellite transmission gear, NovelSat NS4 adds up to 22% more satellite video and data capacity compared with DVB-S2X.

Ra’anana, Israel, February 18, 2016 – NovelSat, a world leader in satellite transmission technology, has released NovelSat NS4, its 4th generation satellite transmission waveform, for general availability. In head-to-head demonstrations, NovelSat has shown that NovelSat NS4 delivers up to 22% higher spectral efficiency compared with DVB-S2X, the industry’s current satellite transmission standard.

NovelSat NS4 is now available as an optional software package in all NovelSat satellite modems, modulators and demodulators, which also support and are backward compatible with all industry standards, including DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X*. For the satellite communications industry, that extra boost of spectral efficiency with NovelSat NS4 means more HD and 4K UHDTV channels and more data without increasing their costly satellite bandwidth budgets.

For those with steady satellite bandwidth needs, as much as 22% better efficiency means they can transmit the same content using far less bandwidth. In networks using the DVB-S2 standard, switching to NovelSat NS4 can boost capacity by up to 45% without increasing bandwidth.

The new NovelSat NS4 waveform, like all NovelSat features, is a software upgradable option that can be installed over the air (OTA) on all NovelSat satellite devices. This software-only model has proven very popular with NovelSat customers who want to optimize bandwidth utilization without the hassle or cost of replacing equipment.

“Since we released NovelSat NS3 in 2011, NovelSat has consistently offered our customers the most bandwidth efficient satellite technologies available,” said Itzik Wulkan, NovelSat CEO. “NovelSat NS4 is a technological breakthrough which is the culmination of years of experience and hard work that started the day after NovelSat NS3 was released.”

Along with NovelSat NS4, NovelSat released the NovelSat NS4 Calculator. This is a tool that can be used, upon request, to show details about how NovelSat NS4 optimizes bandwidth usage with varying operating parameters. NovelSat also recently announced a new streamlined customer support program which, among its other advantages, offers Gold-level customers eligibility for free upgrade paths to NovelSat NS4.

NovelSat first demonstrated the competitive advantages of NovelSat NS4 at the Satellite 2015 Exhibition. Next week, NovelSat is inviting broadcasters, satellite communications providers, users and integrators to see NovelSat NS4 demos at the Satellite 2016 show, March 8-10 at National Harbor, MD.

*DVB-S2X support available Q2-2016.

NovelSat Announces Streamlined 3-Tiered Support Program for Its Satellite Transmission Solutions

NovelSat simplifies its global customer support program, offering 24/7 service and other premium options.

Ra’anana, Israel, February 09, 2016 – NovelSat, a world leader in satellite transmission technology, has announced the availability of a new, streamlined customer support program. The program offers NovelSat customers a 3-tiered set of support packages – Standard, Silver and Gold – which include options such as 24/7 support, immediate response, free software updates, upgraded RMA plans and annual system-wide auditing.

In addition, Gold customers are now eligible for free upgrade paths to NovelSat NS4, the new satellite waveform that NovelSat will be releasing shortly. NovelSat NS4 comes with a list of advanced transmission features that boost bandwidth efficiency by up to 45% compared with DVB-S2.

The new NovelSat support program was designed to help speed up acquisition decisions and response times on support calls for global customers. Customers subscribed at all levels will continue to receive the same high level of support. Now, same day support is also available 24/7 for Gold customers on 6 continents to ensure optimal uptime for their critical satellite communication systems.

“In the satellite communications industry, selecting NovelSat technology solutions is already an easy decision,” said Benny Glazer, NovelSat VP Corporate Sales. “By simplifying the customer support plan, we’ve made it even easier for our customers.”

In addition to live demonstrations of NovelSat solutions, NovelSat management will offer details about the new customer support program at their booth (#100) at Satellite 2016 in March.