NovelSat Releases NovelSat NS4 Software, Boosting Satellite Communication to Highest Ever Throughput

Now available in all NovelSat satellite transmission gear, NovelSat NS4 adds up to 22% more satellite video and data capacity compared with DVB-S2X.

Ra’anana, Israel, February 18, 2016 – NovelSat, a world leader in satellite transmission technology, has released NovelSat NS4, its 4th generation satellite transmission waveform, for general availability. In head-to-head demonstrations, NovelSat has shown that NovelSat NS4 delivers up to 22% higher spectral efficiency compared with DVB-S2X, the industry’s current satellite transmission standard.

NovelSat NS4 is now available as an optional software package in all NovelSat satellite modems, modulators and demodulators, which also support and are backward compatible with all industry standards, including DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X*. For the satellite communications industry, that extra boost of spectral efficiency with NovelSat NS4 means more HD and 4K UHDTV channels and more data without increasing their costly satellite bandwidth budgets.

For those with steady satellite bandwidth needs, as much as 22% better efficiency means they can transmit the same content using far less bandwidth. In networks using the DVB-S2 standard, switching to NovelSat NS4 can boost capacity by up to 45% without increasing bandwidth.

The new NovelSat NS4 waveform, like all NovelSat features, is a software upgradable option that can be installed over the air (OTA) on all NovelSat satellite devices. This software-only model has proven very popular with NovelSat customers who want to optimize bandwidth utilization without the hassle or cost of replacing equipment.

“Since we released NovelSat NS3 in 2011, NovelSat has consistently offered our customers the most bandwidth efficient satellite technologies available,” said Itzik Wulkan, NovelSat CEO. “NovelSat NS4 is a technological breakthrough which is the culmination of years of experience and hard work that started the day after NovelSat NS3 was released.”

Along with NovelSat NS4, NovelSat released the NovelSat NS4 Calculator. This is a tool that can be used, upon request, to show details about how NovelSat NS4 optimizes bandwidth usage with varying operating parameters. NovelSat also recently announced a new streamlined customer support program which, among its other advantages, offers Gold-level customers eligibility for free upgrade paths to NovelSat NS4.

NovelSat first demonstrated the competitive advantages of NovelSat NS4 at the Satellite 2015 Exhibition. Next week, NovelSat is inviting broadcasters, satellite communications providers, users and integrators to see NovelSat NS4 demos at the Satellite 2016 show, March 8-10 at National Harbor, MD.

*DVB-S2X support available Q2-2016.

NovelSat Announces Streamlined 3-Tiered Support Program for Its Satellite Transmission Solutions

NovelSat simplifies its global customer support program, offering 24/7 service and other premium options.

Ra’anana, Israel, February 09, 2016 – NovelSat, a world leader in satellite transmission technology, has announced the availability of a new, streamlined customer support program. The program offers NovelSat customers a 3-tiered set of support packages – Standard, Silver and Gold – which include options such as 24/7 support, immediate response, free software updates, upgraded RMA plans and annual system-wide auditing.

In addition, Gold customers are now eligible for free upgrade paths to NovelSat NS4, the new satellite waveform that NovelSat will be releasing shortly. NovelSat NS4 comes with a list of advanced transmission features that boost bandwidth efficiency by up to 45% compared with DVB-S2.

The new NovelSat support program was designed to help speed up acquisition decisions and response times on support calls for global customers. Customers subscribed at all levels will continue to receive the same high level of support. Now, same day support is also available 24/7 for Gold customers on 6 continents to ensure optimal uptime for their critical satellite communication systems.

“In the satellite communications industry, selecting NovelSat technology solutions is already an easy decision,” said Benny Glazer, NovelSat VP Corporate Sales. “By simplifying the customer support plan, we’ve made it even easier for our customers.”

In addition to live demonstrations of NovelSat solutions, NovelSat management will offer details about the new customer support program at their booth (#100) at Satellite 2016 in March.