Another Satellite Industry First for NovelSat – 2% Signal Roll-off

NovelSat NS3 satellite technology now offers world’s lowest Roll-off Factor (ROF) for cleaner, more efficient data and video transmission

Boston, MA, March 4, 2014 Following live tests conducted by NovelSat, a world leader in satellite transmission technologies, announced that they have achieved a 2% Roll-off Factor (ROF) using their NovelSat NS3™ satellite transmission technology. This is the world’s lowest ROF for satellite communications.

Roll-off Factor (ROF) is a factor in spectral efficiency, or how much capacity you can squeeze into a particular band of spectrum. When a satellite signal is filtered, or masked, the ‘edges’ of the signal drops off and is not used for transmission. This drop off is known as Roll-off Factor (ROF). A lower ROF means that more of the signal can be used for transmission.

NovelSat has improved the spectral mask used by NovelSat NS3 to reach an unrivaled low ROF of 2%. This can be compared to ROF of 5% in previous NovelSat solutions, which is already far below the 20% minimum ROF permitted in the DVB-S2 standard for satellite transmission. NovelSat is offering this advanced technology in their currently available commercial satellite transmission products.

NovelSat 225 Rolloff

Spectral Analysis show 2% Roll-off with NovelSat NS3 vs Roll-off of other vendors

“2% ROF is one more advance that solidifies the technology lead that NovelSat has established in the satellite transmission market,” said Dan Peleg, Vice President of R&D of NovelSat.”

NovelSat NS3000 Satellite Modem

NovelSat NS3000 Modem

The NovelSat NS3000 satellite modem used in the tests was powered by NovelSat NS3™ satellite transmission technology. NovelSat NS3 improves spectral efficiency, on average, by 40% and as much as 62% compared with gear based on industry standard DVB-S2 technology. Together with NovelSat DUET™ band-reuse technology NovelSat NS3000 modems offer the world’s most robust, bandwidth efficient and most scalable satellite transmission technology, capable of delivering from 100Kbps up to 425Mbps in each direction on a single modem.


About NovelSat
NovelSat is a technology company dedicated to providing the next-generation modulation standard for satellite communications. NovelSat NS3™ technology – encompassing ultra-high end modulators, demodulators, modems and ASICs – essentially replaces DVB-S2 as the industry standard. NovelSat delivers the fastest data rates, the widest pipe and the most compelling ROI. That means you get the best performance at the lowest costs, resulting in the highest profits. Learn more about the rapidly-growing list of global broadcasters, communications service providers, defense contractors and systems integrators already maximizing satellite capacity with NovelSat NS3 at

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