Televisa Mexico Demonstrated 4K UHDTV Television Distribution Using NovelSat NS3 Technology

In multi-vendor testing, Televisa, Latin America’s largest media company, transmits 124Mbps 4K video satellite feed, easily breaking the 100Mbps barrier

Boston, MA – March 10, 2014 – During a successful multi-vendor test, Mexico-based Televisa, the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world, announced today that they successfully demonstrated Ultra High Definition 4K content delivery using NovelSat NS3 satellite transmission technology. Televisa reported that NovelSat broke the 100Mbps barrier reported by other vendors, reaching 124Mbps in sustained test conditions. With this bit-rate improvement, Televisa will be able to dramatically enhance the quality of its high-end 4K content.

4K offers finer resolution and greater contrast than HD, which is why it is being adopted for digital cinema distribution and UHDTV distribution by industry leaders such as Televisa. The higher pixel count, however, translates into higher satellite-based data distribution costs. By achieving the satellite industry’s highest bit-rate, NovelSat NS3 offers broadcasters the highest quality and most cost effective solution for 4K, as well as standard and HD distribution by satellite.

“Televisa continues to pursue innovation by being among the first broadcasters to deliver 4K programming as a contribution process and in the future for special events,” said William Aguirre, Televisa’s Director of Satellite Operation. “Deciding to offer 4K content gives us a competitive edge. NovelSat NS3 gives us the highest quality and most efficient transmission we have seen.”

The successful 4K transmission tests were performed on premises at Televisa’s teleport in Mexico City. To reach the 124Mbps milestone, while still retaining guard band integrity, Televisa transmitted a 4K stream with a resolution of 3480×2160 using a NovelSat NS1000 Satellite Modulator and NovelSat NS2000 Satellite Demodulator which were already deployed as a part of the Televisa network. The test gear was equipped with NovelSat NS3™ satellite transmission technology and NovelSat DDC™ technology which dynamically compensates for distortion caused by the non-linearity of the signals.

NS1000 & NS2000

NovelSat NS1000 Satellite Modulator / NovelSat NS2000 Satellite Demodulator

“A lot of satellite transmission vendors are banking on the future of 4K,” said Ron Barak, NovelSat VP Americas. “Fortunately for NovelSat, and for Televisa, not only does our NovelSat NS3 technology make 4K transmission much more efficient. It also provides a higher quality and more cost effective solution than any other vendor.”

NovelSat NS3 is also a cost-effective solution for 8K video channels when broadcasters and digital cinema distribution customers choose to shift to that standard down the road.


About Grupo Televisa
Televisa is the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world based on its market capitalization and a major participant in the international entertainment business. It operates four broadcast channels in Mexico, produces and distributes 16 pay-TV brands for distribution in Mexico and the rest of the world, and exports its programs and formats to the U.S. through Univision and to other television networks in over 50 countries. Televisa is also a major participant in Mexico´s telecommunications industry. It has a controlling interest in Sky, Mexico’s leading direct-to-home satellite television system and in several cable and telecommunications companies: Cablevisión, Cablemás, TVI, and Bestel. Through its cable investments, Televisa offers video, voice, and broadband services. In addition, Televisa has a 50 percent equity stake in Grupo Iusacell S.A. de C.V., Mexico’s third largest mobile telecom provider. Televisa also has interests in magazine publishing and distribution, radio production and broadcasting, professional sports and live entertainment, feature-film production and distribution, the operation of a horizontal internet portal, and gaming. In the United States, Televisa has equity and debentures that, upon conversion and subject to any necessary approvals of the FCC, would represent 38% on a fully diluted basis of the equity capital in Univision Communications Inc. (“Univision”). Univision is the leading media company serving the Hispanic market.

About NovelSat
NovelSat is a technology company dedicated to providing the next-generation modulation standard for satellite communications. NovelSat NS3™ technology – encompassing ultra-high end modulators, demodulators, modems and ASICs – essentially replaces DVB-S2 as the industry standard. NovelSat delivers the fastest data rates, the widest pipe and the most compelling ROI. That means you get the best performance at the lowest costs, resulting in the highest profits. Learn more about the rapidly-growing list of global broadcasters, communications service providers, defense contractors and systems integrators already maximizing satellite capacity with NovelSat NS3 at

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